Ellis Alliance is a consulting firm that works with Executives who have to face risks that may affect their compliance with regulations, the management of a major strategic project, the economic growth of the company or even its business survival.

At an early stage (ou « as far ahead as possible » / « upstream »), Ellis Alliance provides solutions to Directors and managers who are aware of the absence of internal risk management structures.


To solve a risk, different aspects and mechanisms are at  play : finance, accounting, actuarial, auditing, IT, taxation… Ellis Alliance’s advisors analyze the urgency thanks to their acuity in these different fields of expertise. Then, they propose a creative and sustainable solution that allows the key actors of the company (general manager, financial director, risk manager, IT director…) to converge towards a fast and efficient resolution of the problem.

Ellis Alliance restores and secures companies’ risk situations with a team of highly experienced consultants. They are quantitative, financial and accounting experts, familiar with the management of complex projects.

These skills are used to support specific accounting topics (new standards – IFRS, S2,…), models to assess probable  claims amounts or calculations of employee benefits and their compliance with accounting standards. They enable us to identify, evaluate, diagnose the risks of a company, as well as to provision for them.

Ou mettre « shall be taken into consideration »

Potential ?

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