Stephanie Carcel

After more than 15 years in audit and finance advisory services, Stephanie moved to Asia (South Korea 2010-2016 and Hong Kong since 2016). She worked as a member of the Board and Treasurer for the French International School in Seoul (South Korea). Since 2018, she joined the charity institution “Children of the Mekong” (Hong Kong) as Treasurer to manage finance and fund raisings.

She started her career in big firms such as Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young (Paris, France), developing valuable knowledge and skills around risk management, accounting & controlling processes, transformation & change management programs.

With Ellis Alliance Limited, Stephanie is giving an entrepreneurial vision to her career, offering advisory services that combine her experience of Information Systems and Finance processes to support projects in complex environments. Her inner dynamic is about fixing great objectives and achieving them!

Her motto “There is nothing permanent except change” Heraclite d’Ephese when it is not “Do better if possible, and it’s always possible”

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